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This commissioned portrait of a dog named “Higgins” was done in pastel on Artagain Paper in 2020. The original is 12″ x 17″

Han Solo

Star Wars' Han Solo, Mos Eisley.

Star Wars came out when I was 10, and like most young boys, it became a huge part of my childhood.   Han Solo rendering done in alcohol marker. Dimensions are 11″ x 14″. Reproductions printed on demand. Shipped poly bagged and boarded. Price is $40, shipping included.  

Social Circle Home

Nathalie Dupree Social Circle Home

I decided I would redo renowned chef and author, Nathalie Dupree’s Social Circle home. I wanted to continue exploring marker in my architectural renderings. Thankfully, this home was saved from demo by a local philanthropist, who plans to restore her to her former glory.



I’ve always acknowledged that my artistic ability is a God given talent, so it’s only appropriate that I share that gift along with my belief in Christ as my savior. Now is the time for everyone to get back to what really matters. If you are not sure, just look up.